☕️ How Will The Halving Change Bitcoin? 😳 🚨

🗓 In 2024, Bitcoin’s splitting up, but is it for good? 💔

Now, we don’t pretend to know the future.

We think the divine threads of fate are best left interpreted by stronger seers such as Nostradamus, The Simpsons Writers’ Room, or Raven of That’s So Raven.

But in 2024, we think we might just take a crack at some predictions of our own because the stars are aligned and it looks like crypto’s fate is sealed… but in, like, a good way.

Espresso Shots

☕️ Celsius to Unstake Ether 📤 💸

In the latest development in Celsius’s bankruptcy process, the company will unstake all of its Ethereum holdings.

So far, Celsius has currently unstaked and transferred 30,000 ETH, with a significant portion deposited at Coinbase.

Some analysts believe that the Celsius Network’s restructuring will likely drive up Ethereum's price.

If that’s true, this may be the most significant unstaking since the circus left town in the summer of 2007, right in the middle of my coming-of-age story in which I was mentored by the bearded lady and attempting to form a lifelong bond with an orphaned elephant.

☕️ Binance Tags Privacy Tokens 🌐 💸

Binance has attached monitoring tags to several privacy tokens such as Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Horizen (ZEN), and Firo (FIRO).\

Privacy tokens, much like the name implies, are tokens that prioritize users’ privacy and anonymity and are more resistant to tracking than other currencies.

In an official statement, Binance wrote that those tokens with the monitoring tag "exhibit notably higher volatility and risks compared to other listed tokens," and are "at risk of no longer meeting our listing criteria" and being delisted.

We’re proud to welcome these privacy tokens into the hall of other “high-risk” figures with monitoring tags, such as great white sharks and my Uncle Steve.

Spilling the Beans

The Halves and the Halv-Nots 👍 👎


If you grew up in an urban area, deer might still carry the mystique of the natural world and you view them with the same reverence as a twisting oak tree or a babbling brook.

But if you’re reading Coffee & Crypto in a rural area, despite what Bambi tried to instill in you, you probably know that deer are the pigeon of the woods, always quietly preparing their next raid on your vegetable garden or suicidal charge into your truck’s headlights.

Whether you’re regarding deer with silent awe or growing annoyance, you certainly don’t want them to go extinct, so there are precautions in place to keep our deer thriving.

And chief among those precautions is population control. If deer aren’t hunted in season, their numbers can spiral out of control, creating resource scarcity and starvation.

You have to kill the deer to keep the deer alive. We mention this little paradox today because Bitcoin has its own little population control device, one which will be activated this spring.

The Bitcoin halving is an event that happens every four years (referred to in crypto as an epoch, which can be a little confusing, because we were taught in school that an epoch is actually several million years).

During the Bitcoin halving, the block reward for Bitcoin mining is cut in half.

Now, that doesn’t so great at a glance, but much like shooting a five-point buck with a high-powered rifle, this seemingly destructive act is actually for the good of the species.

One of the foundational elements of BTC, and part of what makes it such a valuable asset, is that the total number of Bitcoin in circulation is carefully controlled.

That number must never exceed the maximum supply of 21 million.

To assist in this practice, Bitcoin mining needs to be carefully maintained through a four-year halving.

By splitting the reward for mining a Bitcoin block in half, a policy written into Bitcoin’s algorithm, the issuance of BTC slows down and, if the demand remains the same, the price increases.

And this isn’t just wishful thinking, a price surge has occurred after every Bitcoin halving to date.

“Bitcoin last underwent a halving event on 11 May 2020 – where rewards for mining became 50% lower, falling from 12.5 new bitcoin per block to 6.25 bitcoin. The tightening supply provided a bullish scenario for the asset where the coin's price surged from $6877.62 on 11 April (a month before the halving) to $8821 at the time of the event itself. Despite significant volatility, the price continued to rise over the course of the next year to reach $49504 on 11 May 2021.” Wrote a trade analyst at IG International.

And our next halving will occur in April of this year.

Yes, 2024 stands to be a tremendous year for Bitcoin. We have quite a few regulatory decisions that may or may not result in huge wins for crypto.

Additionally, there’s the potential approval of any or all of the Bitcoin Spot ETF applications.

We like to remain optimistic, but at the end of the day, these are all possibilities, the coming Bitcoin halving is as set in stone as the sunrise or Arbor Day.

And, second only to Arbor Day, the coming Bitcoin halving is set to be the most exciting day of our year. 

It’s a sure thing, but for now we hodl, ride on, and hold our venison sausage high in anticipation.

Crypto 101

Block Height: In the blockchain, this length represents the number of blocks a particular block is from the first block.

The first block is often referred to as the genesis block.

The Last Sip

The Last Sip: This isn’t a joke so much as a fun fact, but speaking of deer, did you know that antlers are the fastest-growing tissue in the world? Antlers grow faster than human embryos or even cancer cells, which is probably why you see so many deer smoking.

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