☕️ How to Ride Out the Crypto Storm 🌪️ 🚨

💨 Let hedge fund leaders show you how to tame the coming crypto tornado 🌩

When moisture in the air meets unstable currents, we get a storm. Add sudden, violent shifts to that wind, and you have a tornado on your hands.

Is the current crypto bear market poised for the storm of the century?

Some experts think so — but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a guide to get you through the worst of the weather.

But first, we need to strategize. So come down into the farmhouse basement, where it’s safe. We’re going to play Stratego by candlelight.

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Espresso Shots

☕️ Binance in Latin America 🪙 🌎

Binance has launched a new payment program called “Send Cash,” in Latin America.

The platform lets users send digital funds to other users at a reduced cost and time through licensed providers.

Send Cash will be available in nine Latin American countries, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Argentina, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguay, and Mexico.

"This is another step forward for Binance, which renews its commitment to the crypto industry in Latin America, to the expansion of the benefits it offers in terms of financial inclusion, and to developing new ways of using crypto in everyday life.” Min Lin, the Regional VP for Binance Latin America, said in a release on the Binance blog.

Incidentally, Binance’s new working slogan will probably say “Send Cash: It’s Not Just For Ransom Anymore!”

☕️ Testing Your Crypto Literacy 📄 🪙

Three researchers from the University of Cincinnati just published a crypto literacy scale to measure both the public and policymaker’s knowledge of crypto, and its underlying tech.

“Measuring financial literacy has encouraged policymakers and educators to create programs that improve financial decision-making and increase financial empowerment,” the paper reads. “However, there is no similar corresponding scale to measure crypto literacy."

If widely adopted, this test could be a powerful tool in determining whether lawmakers (or even presidential candidates) actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to crypto.

The test distills crypto knowledge down to ten fundamental questions, which weren’t shared in the published, 34-page paper.

But don’t feel too bad if you score low on your crypto literacy exam. We’re here to help you with that.

Besides, if they say you’re crypto illiterate, you just go to a different class and get extra time on tests.

☕️ Bear Market Sell-offs 🐻 📉

A total of $168 million in crypto funds were sold by investors this week.

And $149 million of which were shares linked to Bitcoin.

But it hasn’t been all bad. Consider: Bitcoin rallied to $28,000 following the news of Grayscale’s decisive blow against the SEC.

This marks the second week of mass crypto sell-offs. It appears that many investors want to get out while the getting is good.

Some would call that shrewd, but we prefer the PC term: cowards.

Spilling the Beans

How to Ride Out the Crypto Storm 🌪️ 🚨

Turns out, crypto summer was a mirage. We’re back in a bear market.

No, it’s not as bad as crypto winter. It’s certainly not good. But there’s an approaching, glimmer of hope on the horizon.

Any first-year student of economics can walk you through the phases of bear and bull markets.

We’ve been in a bear for some time, so, as the barometric pressure increases and grandpa starts to feel that tingling in his bad knee, it means something big is coming.

This stagnation across the markets means that we’re poised for some serious action. As we head into the fall, another bull run is practically assured.

And you need to plan accordingly.

This is ostensibly why the good people at Cointelegraph spoke to an array of hedgefund leaders, digital analysts, and other notable crypto traders to compile a list of the most important things to remember as we head into the next potential bull run.

So let’s walk through our own, no-nonsense guide right now, accompanied (of course) by some of the tasteful nonsense we’re known for.

Know When to Sell

Sometimes it’s a matter of getting in and getting out, right on time.

A common mistake in crypto trading, and really across investing classes generally, is holding on for too long in the vain hope of a bigger payday.

Ben Simpson, spawning the metaphor that’s driving today’s newsletter, told Cointelegraph that when it comes to a crypto bull run, “it’s complete and utter chaos. It’s just a tornado.”

And part of weathering that storm is knowing when it’s time to sell. To keep yourself on track, Simpson recommends physically writing down your investment goals, complete with a hardline sell price, to save yourself from excess greed.

Because “once the music stops in a bull market it stops really quickly,” Simpson added in the report.

Beware of the Meme

Part of navigating a period of crypto prosperity is knowing where to focus your attention.

Now, meme-coins are always going to tempt naïve investors with their siren’s call of quick riches.

But that high volatility is a two-way street, which means you could lose everything just as fast as you earn it.

And a recent, brutal lesson looms in our rearview mirror in the form of the PEPE rug pull. $16 million vanishes and the coin’s value dropped 26%. And this is with PEPE being the most established currency in the sea of shitcoins.

We’ve warned against meme-coins time and time again. Keep the memes on your Instagram feed, not in your portfolio.

Focus on Theme

Turns out, the best advice you’ll get in your creative writing seminar also applies to crypto investing.

Your choice of investments should be driven by theme, rather than impulse or trying to catch up with the market.

Whether that theme is AI, energy, or utility, the choice is up to you.

Yes, your portfolio should always be diversified — but if you’re just picking up coins at random hoping that one of them will moon, chances are you’ll end up operating at a loss.

Mental Health Comes First

We know, we know, we’re not here to get all self-care on you. But that doesn’t diminish its importance.

A bull market is incredibly exciting. Managing your crypto portfolio can become a full-time job, particularly when things are booming. But like any full-time job, it’s important to step away now and again.

Yes, the market is constantly moving, but that doesn’t mean you need to be constantly watching it. Don’t become one of those Wall Street guys with an earpiece welded to their head.

Spend time with friends and family. Exercise. Drink an un-caffeinated beverage. Do something purely for the fun of it, crypto will be there when you get back.

Now, that being said, part of having a happy life is having things to look forward to. Whether that’s a trip, an upcoming movie, or even just a change in season, anticipation is truly the spice of life.

And you know what, you’re allowed to be excited about the coming bull market. We certainly are.

And hopefully, using the tips we’ve assembled here, when that day comes, you won’t just grab the bull by the horns, you’ll mount it, give it an encouraging slap in the hindquarters, and ride that bad boy to crypto riches.

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The Crypto Lark on Macro Threats 🎙 🔎

As Bitcoin wrestles with new market realities, and investors grapple with looming macro threats, we decided to sit down with the great Lark Davis of The Crypto Lark. From the Fed's high-wire act on interest rates to BlackRock's ETF plays, the stakes couldn't be higher.

On Market Status: Bitcoin slipped below $26k early on Monday, and altcoins aren't faring well either. What macro issues, such as the looming threat of reinstated COVID restrictions, do you think are driving this? Can you give a brief run-through of how a macro issue outside of bitcoin or altcoins directly affects both?

The macro scene has been a major driving factor behind this crypto market sell-off. While stories around a possible Bitcoin ETF have caused some stir, the reality is that crypto is unlikely to make a big move until we see a resolution of major outstanding macro issues.

The key issues right now are as follows:

Meme of the Day

“There’s a storm a comin’…” 🌩

Crypto 101

Series-C Funding: This is the golden period for a business.

During Series-C rounds, investors are pumping money into an already successful business with the hopes of more than doubling their investments.

At this phase in the life of a business, the focus is on scaling the company and growing as fast as possible. Part of that scaling includes acquiring other companies.

The Last Sip

Those University of Cincinnati researchers haven’t released the questions that make up the crypto literacy exam yet, but we’re pretty confident we can guess at least three of the questions.

3. Can you name at least one type of coffee and one cryptocurrency?

2. Who is your daddy and what does he do?

1. What is the difference between a layer-1 and a layer-2 solution? For extra credit, what is the true name of Superman? Say it backward!

Stay Caffeinated,

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