☕️ The Coolest Inventions at CES 💡 💻

Our roundup of the most exciting developments from CES 2024

The approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETFs on Wednesday felt like a 2nd Christmas.

2nd Christmas, of course, is already a well-documented phenomenon among children of divorce, though in some regions it is referred to as, “The Sugar Plum Ballet of Dad’s New Condo.”

But regardless of your parents’ marital status, the ETF 2nd Christmas is one that we can all enjoy.

And in the true spirit of American consumerism, what’s 2nd Christmas without the toys?

Well, you’re in luck. The approval of the ETFs just so happened to coincide with The Consumer Electronics Show and we’re covering all the hottest products.

Espresso Shots

☕️ Bitcoin Dips 📉

Bitcoin fell under the $42,000 mark on Monday morning as the launch of the Bitcoin Spot ETFs appears to have ushered in a bearish market.

Bitcoin dropped to $41, 753.68 at its lowest point, but is currently around the $43,000 mark at the time of writing.

Though Bitcoin initially surged above $49,000 after the news of the approval went public, it appears that this may indeed have been a case of “buy the rumor, sell the news.”

Bitcoin’s latest plunge has turned the Fear and Greed Index to neutral for the first time since November 2023.

In related news, my father also replied that he feels “neutral” about my mother’s short, new haircut.

☕️ Bitfinex Dodges a Big Hit 🥊

A failed exploit on Bitfinex would have cheated the exchange out of $15 million worth of XRP tokens, nearly half of XRP’s $31 billion market cap.

Luckily, the sketchy transaction was flagged by Bitfinex’s systems as a partial payment and subsequently prevented the transaction.

Regardless, the staggering, potential size of the failed hack still spooked Bitfinex customers and longtime XRP investors alike.

Nice try, criminal, but if you really want to scare investors you have to put a flashlight under your chin and waggle your fingers like a ghost.

Spilling the Beans

The Best of CES

The Consumer Electronics Show. CES 2024.

A sprawling landscape of technological marvels as far as the eye can see.

Four days of reveals and two previous days of press coverage, all taking place under the neon glitz and glamor of Las Vegas.

Ah, Las Vegas, “The City That Never Sleeps.” Wait, that’s New York. “The City That Never Sleeps Because Everyone’s On Drugs.” There we go, that’s Vegas.

As much as we would have loved to have gotten boots on the ground and reported to our readers live from Las Vegas, unfortunately, nobody invited us.

But did we let that stop us from covering the event? Absolutely not.

In fact, we’ve put together a list of some of the coolest tech revealed in Vegas, so we can all feel like we were there.

Flying Car

We’ve all been waiting for that sure sign that we’re in the future.

Yes, we’ve all got enough screens to put even the most heavy-handed episode of Black Mirror to shame, but where are the flying cars?

Well, the wait is over as XPENG has unveiled its flying car.

No, it doesn’t have the self-propulsion system from The Jetsons or Blade Runner, but those propellors are actually pretty dope.

Naturally, it’s going to take a couple of years and a lot of legislation before America is ready for flying cars, but we can’t wait to spend our mid-life crisis trying to outmaneuver Sky Police.

Transparent TVs

Now, this was a big one, but we admit we’re a little befuddled.

Both Samsung and LG debuted transparent televisions at this year’s CES.

The floor models boast an OLED, 77 inch screen that becomes fully transparent when it turns off.

Admittedly, we’re not really in the habit of placing televisions in the middle of the room, and might have to put this one in the “looks cool but what’s the point?” category.

Well, at least you’ll be able to see intruders through the Netflix home screen.

AI… Just About Everything

Surprisingly no one, AI was one of the biggest topics of this year’s CES.

No longer solely focused on chatbots, AI appears to have made its way into just about every facet of the kitchen.

Food tech is the name of the game, and where do we begin?

Well, there’s ColdSnap’s self-cleaning fridge 

Then there’s NeoSear’s AI-based, command-oriented grill which can deliver a perfect, medium-rare steak on demand.

And Chef AI’s true, one-touch air fryer which uses AI to scan a food item and determine exactly how long and at what temperature it should be cooked.

Say goodbye to that human touch of inspiration in the kitchen, or even Mom’s home cooking, because AI’s got you covered.

But even as exciting as all of the innovations are, we’d ask that you please wake us up when they finally invent that microwave from Spy Kids that can morph a flavor packet into a Big Mac and large fry.

The Last Sip

Geneticists discovered that 8% of the male population of the former Mongol empire is related to Genghis Khan. If you think that’s impressive, 45% of the cocktail servers in Vegas are direct descendants of Frank Sinatra.

Stay Caffeinated,

Coffee & Crypto Team

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