☕️ Your Coffee and Crypto Wrapped 😳 🚀

Looking back at the hits as we head into the New Year.

Now, there is one, notable music streaming app that delivers a cute little infographic of your yearly listening before ultimately telling you that you’re a synth-wave vampire or stomp-and-holler leprechaun or whatever.

But we thought, “Why let them have all the fun?”

That’s why we’ve compiled our top three biggest hits of 2023, our most popular newsletters, so we can take one last look back before we bravely soldier on.

Without further ado…

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 Your Coffee and Crypto Wrapped 🎁 

3. Time to Buy Bitcoin? 💰 👀

Yes, maybe simpler is often better.

Our simple call to action, our cavalier consideration of whether or not today was, in fact, the perfect day to purchase Bitcoin, was one of the most popular newsletters of the year.

And guess what? It’s still sorta time to buy Bitcoin.

2. Get Your Money Out… 😳 🚨

Okay, on the opposite end of the spectrum. We went a little spooky with this one and while no, this wasn’t an urge to pull out of crypto, it was a fun and informative exploration into the charges levied against Changpeng Zhao.

And turns out, there was some pretty credible evidence our man was committing crimes at Binance!

Look forward to our 2024 edition of “10x Coffee & Crypto Predicted the Future”.

1. Bitcoin’s Poisonous Consequences 🤢 ☢️

Yes, that’s right, our investigative journalism into the controversy over the Greenidge Bitcoin mining plant and whether it is or isn’t polluting a local lake, was our most-read newsletter of 2023.

Thank you, our dear readers, without you, we wouldn’t even have these kinds of analytics.

And if you’ve taught us anything, it’s the hard lesson learned by many assassins who are bad at swords, which is that poison is the way to go.

We’ll be in touch as we all collectively sludge through this week and into New Year’s, but feel free to share your most-read Coffee & Crypto newsletters on your Instagram for some reason.

Stay caffeinated,

Coffee & Crypto Team

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