☕️ The Biggest Winners of 2023 🏆

A quick roundup of 2023’s top-performing cryptos.

Yes, yesterday we gave you your “Coffee & Crypto: Wrapped”.

It’s the end of the year, time to look back and self-reflect.

But even with all that self-reflection, we’d be remiss if we made this time entirely about us.

So, we thought we’d look outside ourselves and consider the biggest, the best, top three cryptocurrency performances of 2023.

The Biggest Winners of 2023 🏆

3. Bitcoin

We know, right? 

Crypto’s coin in chief may be the biggest name in the market, but it was outpaced by the other contenders.

Bitcoin rose around 150% in 2023, to its current $43,034 price point at the time of writing.

Though admittedly, Bitcoin is the Atlas that is holding this entire market on its shoulders, as well as the obvious focal point of the coming wave of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, so credit where credit is due.

You have to thank the wind that propels us to sail the seas.


That’s right, our runner-up isn’t a cryptocurrency or native token, it’s Coinbase stock.

Coinbase has had a tremendous year, with over 300% gains in 2023.

Admittedly, a similar trajectory was followed by both MicroStrategy and the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), but they don’t give out five medals at the Olympics, do they?

This is a listicle. Three entries are the right amount.

And finally, our 2023 winner, drum roll, please…

1. Solana (SOL)

That’s right, our 2023 champion has been crowned and it’s Solana.

As some of you have already pointed out, Solana has inadvertently become somewhat of Coffee & Crypto’s pet token.

Well, first off, Coffee & Crypto has no legal or financial connections to SOL. We’re a newsletter.

But because we’re a newsletter, we have to cover the news, and the news has been that Solana has had an unprecedented year.

The reason we keep covering Solana is that Solana is doing incredibly well.

Solana started the year at around $13 and is currently hovering around the $109 mark at the time of writing. That’s almost a 740% increase.

Congratulations, Solana, you win!

We just hope for New Year's, these coins resolve to do even better in 2024.

Stay caffeinated,

Coffee & Crypto Team

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